How confident are you in the existing security at your business? Theft, trespassing, vandalism and violent crime are the things that keep business owners up at night. If you own a commercial property, you understand the heavy weight of having safety and security liabilities hanging over your head. Places like warehouses, hotels, offices, shops, warehouses, condo communities and construction sites are common targets for people with bad intentions. Business owners looking for dependable security guard services in Mississauga, Brampton, Oakville, Milton, Vaughan Richmond Hill and the surrounding Toronto communities need to know that someone responsible and competent is on the job.

Have you been leaving your property too vulnerable? Many business owners are rethinking their “optimistic” attitudes about security. It’s time to get someone on the ground to increase your safety accountability. Take a look at five things you can expect from a mobile security patrol.

#1 – A Plan That Fills in the Gaps Caused by the Limitations of Video Surveillance

Yes, video monitoring certainly has its role in monitoring an area. However, video surveillance is often only valuable for collecting evidence after an incident has occurred. The trend toward using video surveillance has given many property owners a false sense of security regarding just how protected they really are.

Criminals already anticipate that commercial and residential properties are being monitored by cameras. They have plenty of “workarounds” for concealing their identities, avoiding areas under direct surveillance and tampering with equipment to evade detection. An alarm isn’t enough when a severe incident is happening. A video can’t save a life, deter a criminal or react in real-time. This is where a mobile security patrol comes into the picture. Security patrols can provide flexible emergency responses based on the specifics of the situation. They can react to real-time emergencies using human decision-making capabilities.

#2 – The Valuable Guidance Offered by Security Guards

Mobile patrols aren’t just there to interact with people who are trying to cause harm. A security guard can become an important face around a commercial or residential site. Guards can help prevent people from endangering themselves, alert people to potential dangers and guide people out of harm’s way when unexpected risks pop up. As beacons of safety at a site, guards are also there to collect information when people notice things that raise red flags. For instance, a person walking into their job at a manufacturing site will be inclined to go to the guard’s desk if they notice a person behaving suspiciously in the parking lot. While that employee might feel that calling the police is excessive, they will feel as though they have an excellent resource for reporting what they’ve seen to a guard on duty.

#3 – Internal Intelligence

When a security guard is assigned to a site, they begin to understand the cadence of the environment. This gives them a high degree of situational awareness that is invaluable when it comes to keeping an environment safe. While other people at a site may be distracted by their own activities and duties, a security guard is set apart to take in all of the details to spot any irregularities or oddities that could indicate a problem.

#4 – Crime Deterrence

Research proves that live mobile patrol officers deter crime. Based on a 2017 analysis reviewing the effect of private security agents in public spaces on crime, researchers discovered a direct link between increased patrol visits and decreased crime. When looking at data related to crime in mass transit systems, researchers discovered that a 29% increase in time spent on patrol visits decreased victim-related crimes by 16%.

Criminals are opportunistic. The average criminal won’t go out of their way to target a heavily guarded place when so many vulnerable locations exist as easier targets. They will be less likely to enter a property knowing that guards patrol the area. In addition, guards can help to interrupt crimes that are already taking place. As the “eyes” and “ears” of a location, a guard may hear cries for help, shouting or disturbances that would otherwise go unheard. What’s more, a person in distress can be helped if they can locate a guard. Finally, a person who hears a disturbance that they find suspicious can quickly locate a guard to ask them to check out the situation if they are reluctant to “get involved.”

#5 – Increased Feelings of Safety Among Employees, Tenants or Customers

The people who live in, work in or use your space will appreciate that you care enough about their safety to employ a live security patrol. In the case of a business, your employees will enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that a trained professional is tasked with “watching the door” to keep track of who is entering the property. An in-person guard can also offer peace of mind during times of “high alert.” Guards can also help visitors get to the right places without triggering alarms due to unintentionally accessing unauthorized areas.

Find Security Guards for Your Businesses in Toronto

Safety slips through the cracks all too easily when relying solely on technology to cover our security needs. Make sure you cover all the gaps to shield your business from major liabilities. At Empire Security, we provide top-class live security for properties and campuses of all types. Our trained, highly professional guards have the experience and capabilities to keep your security operations running smoothly. Our 24-7 customer support ensures that you never feel like you’re in the dark when it comes to tracking what’s going on at your property. In addition to providing patrol services for a 360-degree security plan, we also keep your bases covered with online log reports, real-time GPS monitoring, access control and many more “smart” features. Don’t let suspicious activity go unnoticed. Fulfill your obligation to keep your property safe by contacting Empire Security today.